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Fic: City Lights (2/2)

Title: City Lights (2/2)
Author: Viktoria Angelique (v_angelique)
Pairing: DM/BB/EW
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This never actually happened. It's fiction.
Summary: I've wanted to do an OT3 for a while, and I decided for an AU. It was originally going to focus more on the three cities (New York, London, and Paris) but it ended up being more about the boys, and really, who could blame me? I strongly recommend downloading the mix CD here as you read. It should be done (unless you're on dialup) by the time you get to it in the story (in the second part), and not only are they great songs but it's a lot of fun to listen to the CD along with Billy when you get to it, and I suggest you follow the instructions included in Elijah's note yourself. Because this is a fic that encourages you to get off your arse for once! *g* About half the files are mp3 and the others are m4a, so if you don't have iTunes you can still listen to some of it. Also note that the fic is in two parts because LJ hates me, but it should be read as one.


“So what?”

“William Boyd, you tell me right this instant what happened to you last night because I know you would’ve called me if you weren’t getting some…”

Billy laughed and rolled over in bed, looking at the bright digital numbers of his alarm clock. Three pm. The store was closed for Easter Monday, and he had decided, for the first time in a very long time aside from sick days, not to bother getting out of bed. Dom, of course, had to leave on a morning train to get back to Paris for work or sommat, but the long lingering kiss goodbye, flavoured like coffee and toothpaste, was enough to put Billy in a good mood for the rest of the week. That, and the business card left on his nightstand with a note “call me soon, beautiful, or else.”

“Yes, Elijah, as you so eloquently put it, I was ‘getting some.’ Do you have to work today?”

“No. I just got up, I have morning wood, and I want to hear all about your illicit Easter weekend while I relieve myself of said tension. Sound good to you?”

Billy grinned and flopped back against the pillows, getting comfortable. “Sounds great. Fuck, Lighe, is it wrong of me that I just had some of the best sex I’ve had in years and all I can think about is you, stretched out in bed with your hand on your cock and your eyes all blurry from sleep? One of these days, lad…”

Elijah groaned. “Yeah, one of these days, but it isn’t today, so let’s take advantage of the fact that you don’t even have to get out of bed and brush your teeth to have morning phone sex, and I am really fucking hard and want to live vicariously through you. Shall we?”

Billy grinned and slid one hand down his stomach, resting just above the erection that was forming. He hadn’t slept naked in more years than he could count, and it felt rather liberating. “Well, of course he’s bloody gorgeous, but I already told you that.”

“Yeah, I’ve been having urges to wank to your description alone, actually.”

Billy laughed. “So I brought him back to my flat, obviously, and he was being the cheekiest little bugger… once it was firmly established that we’re both gay…”

“’Firmly’ established, I bet,” Elijah muttered.

“Right, well, once that was established, he would not stop teasing me. The man is the biggest flirt on the entire Continent, I’m sure, and I’ll bet I was about ten shades of red the whole time we were getting dinner ready.”

“I’ll bet you’re pretty when you blush,” Elijah murmured, and Billy smiled.

“You sound a little out of breath there, beautiful. Slow it down for me, will you? Just stroke yourself nice and slow, that’s it…” Billy’s voice became deeper and smoother around the vowels, and Elijah moaned in appreciation as he followed instructions. “So we almost started snogging in the kitchen, and would have if Margaret hadn’t showed up at that exact moment.”

“Fuck! That’s shit luck.”

“Yeah, well, it was worth the wait. After we ate and cleaned up, the snogging started, and damn… Elijah, you have got to meet this man. I mean, he is the most phenomenal kisser, all hot and hard…”

“Fuck, Billy, I don’t know that I can go this slow…”

“You will, Elijah,” Billy insisted in a tone that brokered no argument.

“Fuck… your fucking voice… damnit, I need you…”

“Soon, beautiful. We’ll find a way.”

“Keep going. You were kissing, and then…?”

“Well we ended up by my sofa, and things were getting pretty heated, so I made some comment about wanting to bend Dominic over the arm of the couch, and then I went to my bedroom for condoms and lube, and when I came back there he was, jeans on the floor, bent over the arm with his elbows on the couch, looking at me over his shoulder with this delicious little smirk…”

“Oh, damn. And then you fucked him, didn’t you Billy? You took him all hard and fast…”

“Slow, Elijah.”

“Sorry, sorry… I’m going slow, but fuck, you’d better hurry up with your story, Boyd…”
“I will if you quit interrupting.”


“So yes, Elijah, I did. I took him all hard and fast like… first I fucked him with my fingers, and God he was just so hot like that, leaning back onto them, fucking begging me to take him…”

“Oh, God.”

“…and I did, of course, got that condom on quicker than I ever had in my life, and we had a nice long kiss and then I thrust right up to the hilt, and fuck was he tight, Lighe, Christ, you wouldn’t believe how tight this boy was…”

“Damn, Billy. Please…”

“It didn’t last so long, but God was it good. And then after, we fell asleep on the couch, and when we woke up it was nearly nine and he said he had to go to catch the train, but I didn’t want him to, so I convinced him to spend the night.”

“And then you fucked again?”

“Well of course, yeah. We got ready for bed, and then we went back to my room and did it all proper like, nice and slow… we kissed for what felt like hours, and God… so good, Elijah. I imagine only kissing you could be better than this…”

“Christ, Billy. Fuck.”

“Yeah, well that came next. But only after he gave me the most stellar blowjob known to man, sucked my soul right out of my dick, he did…”

“Fuck, Billy. I want to suck you, yeah, all nice and slow like, build you up before I’d let you come…”

“Oh fucking hell, Elijah. Fucking hell.”

“And then what? Tell me what happened next.”

“Well I felt kind of bad, like, because he was just doing everything he could for me and I’d done nothing for him, so then I tied his wrists up over his head with a tie so that he couldn’t touch…”

“Oh fuck Billy, you have to do that to me sometime, damnit…”

“I will, Elijah, oh you can be sure I will… but God, he was so pretty like that, all tied up and writhing as I kissed every centimetre of his body. Damn, Elijah, you have to see him, I mean the man is so gorgeous, he’s a fucking model for God’s sake…”

“And then you fucked him?”

“Yeah, I did, all nice and slow like, face-to-face. He begged me to untie him, but I wouldn’t, and I could hold off because he had sucked me already, so I just went nice and slow and deep, and kissing him the whole time, and I refused to touch him, because I wanted to see if he could come just from being fucked, and Christ, lad, you have to see it. The most beautiful thing…”

“Fuck, Billy, please now. Let me come, you have to fucking let me…”

“All right, Elijah. Faster now, go ahead, but not until I say.”

“Fuck, oh God, oh fuck, please, please…”



The strangled gasp was enough to put Billy over the edge as well, as his own hand had inadvertently drifted to his cock over the course of the conversation, and he came silently, holding his breath as he envisioned Elijah coming all over his hand.

“Wow,” Elijah muttered as he listened to Billy catching his breath.

“Yeah. That. You’re okay, yeah? I mean…”

“Of course I’m okay. That was amazing.”

“No, but I mean, with Dominic. You’re not…”

“Jealous? Should I be?”

“Well no, of course not, I just…”

“I just want to meet this man in person. And you, of course. God, Billy, I have to see you…”

“I know, God, we’ll figure out a way, we will.”

“But I have no reason to be jealous, I mean, it’s not like you’re marrying him.”

“I did tell him about you, you know.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. I wanted to. He seemed to understand.”

“Good. He sounds amazing. I’m glad that you have someone, Billy. You know, since I can’t be there…”

“Well, I mean, I don’t know how often I’ll see him, being in Paris and all… and he’s not what you are…”

“Yeah, but he sounds pretty fucking good. Don’t worry about it, okay? Not for my sake. I just want you happy.”

“Well, I am.”

“I can tell. So what are your plans for the week, then? Opening the store tomorrow?”

“Yeah, of course. Have to make money somehow, you know. Especially if I want to fly to New York anytime soon.”

Elijah grinned widely at that. “You know I don’t want you to be blowing your money just to see me, right?”

“Yeah. You know there’s nothing I’d rather spend my money on, right?”

“Yeah. Same here. I’ve been looking for airline deals online, but of course the rates go way up over the summer.”

“I suppose you Yanks are looking for somewhere dreary and rainy for a nice change of pace on holiday, hmm?”

“Hey, don’t complain, you’ve got a loverboy in France that you can visit.”

“Paris. It’s not exactly Nice or Marseilles.”

“Whatever. I suck at European geography.”

“Eh, that’s okay. I can’t name more than fifteen states or so.”

“I don’t even know… you have counties, right?”


“Yeah, I don’t even know what county London is in. Or Glasgow, for that matter.”

“Not that important. But London has it’s own county and Glasgow is mostly in County Lankashire, for your information.”

“Handy. What’s Glasgow like? Is it cold all the time?”

“It’s cold in the winter. It’s not really far North, like Aberdeen or Inverness. It’s mostly industrial though, a lot of blue-collar folk. What about Iowa? What’s that like?”

“Um, a lot of woods. And grass. It’s pretty boring.”

“Doesn’t sound exactly riveting, but then it’s where you come from, so it gets an exponential number of bonus points for that achievement.”

“Aw, you flatterer.”

“Cheers, love. So what about you? What are you up to this week?”

“Um, into the office tomorrow and Wednesday. There’s a show on Thursday, Bright Eyes are playing in Brooklyn. That’s actually a pretty big break for me, so cross your fingers. I scored an interview with Conor Oberst; apparently he likes the magazine.”

“Yeah? Is he really famous?”

“He’s brilliant. I swear Billy, I really need to send you some CDs.”

“You should. Though I warn you I’m pretty musically hopeless.”

“That’s okay. I’ll educate you.”

“So this interview is after the show then?”

“Before. I’ll spend the afternoon getting ready for it and then talk with him over dinner. I get an hour, which is really generous.”

“And then Friday?”

“Just some local band that I’ve never even heard of. Then I have the weekend off and Monday I’m supposed to be in the office writing some reviews for albums that are coming out next Tuesday for this month’s edition, which goes to press Monday.”

“They give you advanced copies?”

“Yeah, press always get them. I have the discs already, there’s three of them this week. So I’ll listen on the weekend and then Monday just have to write a paragraph blurb for each and send them over to editing.”

“Listening to music for a living. Sounds pretty good to me.”

“Yeah, well. You get to talk to people about books for a living. I think we’re pretty even. Speaking of which, if I’m sending you CDs I want some books you liked in return. Fair deal?”

“Sure. I can think of a couple titles you’ll like.”

“Let me guess. Sex how-to manuals.”

“Well, now that you mention it…”

“Oh, I think I’ve got those bases covered, Billy.”

“Mm, I’ll bet you do, lad.”

“Is this going to turn into a two-round phone sex morning? Because I would consider that impressive, even for us.”

“You have entirely too much stamina.”

“Whatever, old man. It’s not my fault. You’re the one who can talk me straight into orgasm without expending any effort whatsoever.”

“A useful skill, I’m sure. Nice to know when we meet I won’t actually have to do anything.”

“I didn’t say that. I’ll busy with your hands, and your mouth, and your…”

“I’m hanging up on you.”

“You are not.”

“Watch me.”

“Call back tonight, then.”

“Okay. Talk to you later, ‘Lijah.”



The month of May came and went, and Billy and Elijah continued to talk on the phone nearly every day. Billy joked that between them, their phone bills probably could’ve purchased a one-way ticket from Europe to the United States or vice-versa, and he was probably right. However, Elijah argued that he wouldn’t give up their phone calls for the world, and he confessed that it was easier for him to get to sleep at night if he could hear Billy’s voice.

Dom and Billy, at the same time, kept up something of a correspondence over the phone, though less frequently. They talked about the possibility of a visit in July when Dom wasn’t too busy with shoots and Billy could close the store for a few days to go to Paris, but no definite plans were made. Dom heard all about what Elijah was up to in New York, and surprisingly didn’t really mind the updates. “He was there first,” he reasoned, and if he were being completely honest with himself, he would admit hat he wouldn’t mind meeting Mr. Elijah Jordan Wood himself, if he were half as engaging as Billy described from their phone calls.

On the first of June, Billy received a package in the mail that brought a huge smile to his face. It was a mix CD, with a long note folded into the jewel case.

Dear Billy,

Sorry this has taken so long to compile. Suffice it to say that a lot of love has gone into mixing this, much more than I would normally invest in making a CD for someone. Consider yourself special. I love the books you sent, by the way, and I can’t wait to see your store in person. I’m sure I would love it. Now, here are your instructions. I want you to lie down on your couch, pop this into the stereo, and get nice and comfy. Now, you may read along as you listen. Please do not read ahead. Call me when you’re finished.

Love (yeah, I think I can say it now),

#1, “First Day of My Life,” by Bright Eyes—This is probably my favourite song by Bright Eyes, the band I told you about reviewing and interviewing the lead singer. That will have greater significance when you call, but for now I’ll say this about it. I normally “don’t do” love songs, but I think this song describes perfectly the way I felt the first time we spoke.

This is the first day of my life, I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you. But now I don’t care; I could go anywhere with you and I’d probably be happy. So if you want to be with me, with these things there’s no telling; we just have to wait and see. But I’d rather be working for a paycheque than waiting to win the lottery.

#2, “Echo Gallery” by Amanda Palmer—I always thought this was a sad song, especially as a music critic. It’s by the singer of the Dresden Dolls, and she’s a brilliant pianist, but I like the commentary she makes on art in this song. It gives you a little insight into the disgruntled world of criticism that I work in, I guess… and maybe I do have a teeny fear of what will happen when I’m no longer young and beautiful, but that’s neither here nor there. You make me feel beautiful, Billy. I had to say that.

She does her face in Cubist fashion like the others. Tonight the curator protects them with new covers. But what’s the point of looking pretty with no audience? And won’t you find it sad that beauty’s based on inexperience?

#3, “Say Goodnight,” Jump, Little Children—I love this band, though they’re a bit obscure and regional. It’s not an exact description of how I feel, because I’m not really jealous, but it sort of reminds me of when you first told me about Dom. Or rather, the desire I have to be in his place, or with the both of you, even. Maybe that’s a bit weird of me, but oh well. I can’t help but be honest with you.

I heard you late last night; you know you talk too much. Not everything comes through these walls, but just enough. I wish that I could hear you say goodnight. And nobody cares, especially me, but I can’t help myself as I fall asleep to turn out the lights, turn back the sheets, say goodnight and turn me on.

#4, “Vertigo,” The Libertines—There is absolutely no point in including this song on the album, except that you are now requested to get off your arse and dance. That’s right, Billy. Stand up, put this letter down, and dance like a crazy person for the next two minutes and thirty eight seconds. No one can see you, after all.

Rapture and vertigo are letting go.

#5, “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea,” Neutral Milk Hotel—This band is absolutely amazing, and I would call this the quintessential song for dreamers. It might be a bit morbid, but I want to dance on a cloud one day with you.

What a beautiful face I have found in this place that is circling all round the sun. When we meet on a cloud I’ll be laughing out loud, I’ll be laughing at everyone I see. Can’t believe how strange it is to be anything at all.

#6, “Tristan,” Patrick Wolf—This is a really sexy song. And you’re really sexy. And that’s about it. You don’t have to dance to this one, but I want you to picture me dancing for you. I can’t wait till I can do it in person. Did I ever tell you that I like to dance? I promise I’ll make it really good for you ;)

I am the victim and the murderer, you speak of love but I’ve never heard of her. I am fucked, and I am fucking, too. My name is Tristan and I am alive.

#7, “Us,” Regina Spector—This is just a really happy song. And we all need happy in our lives, yeah?

They made a statue out of us, and they put it on a mountaintop. Now tourists come and stare at us; blow bubbles with their gum, take photographs, have fun. Have fun!

#8, “Rebel Prince,” Rufus Wainwright—Well every self-respecting gay man should have the album “Poses,” but if you don’t, you at least need this song.

Where is my master, the rebel prince? They’re breaking everything trying to get to me in this two-bit hotel, just to me before this windowsill to rid my dirty mind of all of its preciousness.

#9, “Stay Loose,” Belle & Sebastian—A great song about friendship and finding your “match.”

I was feeling like a loser, you said, “hey you’ve still got me.” I was feeling pretty lonely, you said you wanted to be free. I was looking for a good time, you said “let the good times start.” With a quiver of your eyelid you took on someone else’s part.

#10, “Jesusland” by Ben Folds—Kind of how I feel about America right now. Not exactly a flattering portrayal, but hey. It's my country, whether I want it to be or not.

Take a walk, out the gate you go and never stop, past dollar stores and wig shops. Quarter in a cup for every block and watch the buildings grow smaller as you go down the tracks. Beautiful McMansions on a hill that overlook a highway, riverboat casinos and you still have yet to see a soul.

#11, “God Put a Smile on Your Face,” Coldplay—Another positive song to balance out the depressing. Also I just think Chris Martin’s voice is sexy. Like yours. See? A segue!

Where do we go? Nobody knows. Don’t ever say you’re on your way down when God gave you style and gave you grace, and put a smile upon your face.

#12, “Sixteen Military Wives,” Decemberists—Another protest song, because it’s not a complete mix CD without a sea shanty.

Fifteen celebrity minds leading their fifteen sordid, wretched, chequered lives. Will they find the solution in time using their fifteen pristine moderate liberal minds? Eighteen academy chairs out of which only seven really even cares. Doling out the garland to five celebrity minds, they’re humbly taken by surprise.

#13, “Friday’s Dust,” The Doves—This is the “haunting section” of the CD. You now must put this paper down now and close your eyes. Do not open them until this song and the next are finished.

All the hope and all the wonder, all the strength that they can muster won’t go. They won’t get me down.

#14, “Lo and Behold,” Duncan Sheik—Why are you reading this? Your eyes should be closed, mister!

In the temple yesterday there was a man who came to pray, who couldn’t stay and couldn’t leave. So, he fell down on his knees, sued for grace and sued for peace. A little ease, and not to grieve.

#15, “Sleep to Dream,” Fiona Apple—I now command you to have a diva moment. This is for all the men who have ever been arseholes and broken your heart. You are going to put this paper down, stand up, put your arms up over your head, and shake your hips to your heart’s content. Come on, sister! I know you know how to move!

I tell you how I feel but you don’t care, I say tell me the truth but you don’t dare. You say love is a hell but you can’t bear, I say give me mine back and then go there, for all I care!

#16, “Do You Want To,” Franz Ferdinand—Well, Billy. Do you?

Well I woke up tonight and said I’m gonna make somebody lucky, I’m gonna make somebody love me. And now I know, now I know, now I know that it’s you. You’re lucky, lucky, you’re so lucky! Well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna? Well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna? Wanna go where I’ve never let you before?

#17, “Sweet Avenue,” Jets to Brazil—I was going to end the mix on the aforementioned question, but I’ve got one more for you. There isn’t much to say about it except that I love you, and I’ve never said those words in my life to someone who wasn't related to me, so… well, so I guess that’s the point of this whole project. To tell you that, in my own way. Love you, Billy. Call me.

Thank you for taking me from my monastery; I was dying to get out. With tears of gratitude I like my latitude, cross-town train to you. Now all these tastes improve through the view that comes with you. It’s like you’ve handed me my life, for the first time I felt worth it. Like I deserved it.



“I love you so fucking much, you daft bastard.”

Elijah giggled, spun around on one foot, and jumped into the air, pumping his fist with glee. Then he sat down on the sofa to talk to Billy.

“So I take it you got the CD?”

“I followed every instruction, even the closing my eyes bit. And I loved it.”

“You danced for me?”

“Twice, as requested, though if you ever use the word ‘sister’ to describe me again, you’re a dead man.” Elijah giggled. “However, what I’m more looking forward to is seeing you dance to that Tristan song. Fuck, Lighe. I was this close to stroking off to that image, but you didn’t tell me to.”

Elijah giggled again, twisting the phone cord between his fingers. “Well, you’ll get to see me dance soon enough.” He paused, and waited for Billy’s response.

“Yeah, I guess so, hypothetically…"

“Not even. You remember how I told you the first Bright Eyes song had a significance that I’d explain to you on the phone?”


“Well, the significance is that they liked my interview with Conor so much that they’ve decided to give me a promotion.”

“What? That’s wonderful! I’m so proud of you, Lighe…”

“Well that’s not all. See, this promotion means I’ll be doing more interviews with more important indie and alternative musicians. And it means I’ll get to travel, not just doing the New York beat anymore. And it means they’re sending me to Paris in a month, expenses paid, to cover a festival.” Elijah grinned and sat back as he listened to Billy put two and two together.

“Paris?? You’re going to be in Paris?? Oh my God, Lighe! Oh my God!”

“Yeah, that was about the size of my reaction when I found out. I fly in over a Wednesday night, and the festival takes place Thursday through Sunday. So I’ll be working for a lot of it, but hey, sleep is overrated. And we can spend all the time I’m not working fucking like bunnies.”

“Or you could sleep. In my arms.”

Elijah grinned. “Absofuckinglutely. And, I can meet this Monaghan fellow you’re so infatuated with.”

“I’m not infatuated with him! You’re the one who’s always asking for every detail.”

“Only because you speak so highly of him.”

“Yeah, well he’ll be thrilled to meet you. He’s always asking me everything too.”

“Interesting. So do you think you can close the shop for a few days to come see the both of us, hmm?”

“You’d better fucking believe it.”

“I love you to death, Billy.”

“Love you too, beautiful.”


The flight from New York to Paris was a little over seven hours, and Elijah didn’t sleep one wink. He also didn’t eat a thing, surviving entirely on a cup of coffee in JFK and a cigarette when he stepped out of Charles de Gaulle. This, perhaps, could excuse what happened when he knocked on the door of Dom’s Paris flat, but not by much.

“Hey, Elijah! Nice to meet you, mate.”

Elijah just stared in shock, his mouth opening and closing like a fish as he took in the form of the man he had pictured for the past three months every time he picked up the phone and dialled Billy. In his head, he could clearly see the man’s jeans yanked mid-thigh, a dark-haired man’s hand around his cock, two dimensional and in black & white… it was like something out of a dream, except that the accent was all wrong.

“Elijah! You’re here!”

Elijah just kept staring, his focus now shifting to the man appearing over the blonde’s shoulder, speaking with Billy’s accent and sporting the bright smile he could easily match to a familiar laugh, but…

He stared at the two of them, completely unable to speak, for several moments, the body he had masturbated over for nearly a year paired with the disembodied voice of his lover that was now matched to a completely different body. Elijah stared, started to feel extremely dizzy, and then, there was nothing.

“Elijah! Wake up, mate!”

Elijah blinked at the unfamiliar voice, an English accent that he couldn’t place, and focused in on eyes he had never seen before, eyes that were normally covered by a black piece of silk. Next to the speaker, a ginger-haired man, looking very concerned but still extremely attractive with eerily beautiful pale green eyes, knelt by Elijah’s side.

“Oh my God, this is so weird…”

“Yeah, I’ll say you fainting in the middle of my entryway is a bit strange. I mean, I know I’m good-looking and all, but I’ve never made a man faint from the sight of me…”

“Elijah, are you okay?” the other man asked in a soft voice, reaching out to slide his fingers through Elijah’s hair.

“Billy… you…” Elijah trailed off, not sure exactly how to explain. “I’m fine, I just haven’t eaten much.”

“They didn’t feed you on the plane?” Billy asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I was too excited to eat,” Elijah explained sheepishly.

“Well that’s no good. Want me to round you up something?” the other man asked.

“That’s okay. I’m still not really hungry, I’m just…”

“Confused?” Billy asked, his voice soft. “You looked rather bewildered when we opened the door. Not what you expected?” His face was a bit worried, and Elijah smiled fondly, reaching up to brush his cheek.

“No, I just… this is going to sound really fucking stupid when I explain it, but I guess I’d better.”

“Can’t be any stupider than Billy-boy here, who absolutely refused to have sex until you showed up. Thought it would calm his nerves, but no dice.”

Elijah laughed at Dom’s expression and shook his head. “That’s sweet, but no, I think this is a bit weirder. You see… well, Dom, do you remember a photo shoot you did a couple of years ago for an erotic art book? It was a coffee table book, and you’re blindfolded in the shot, between a girl and a guy…?”

“Oh yeah, of course. I love that artist.”

“Yeah, me too. And I bought the book, a year ago, and that photo has been, um…. well, masturbatory fodder for almost that long.” Dom burst out laughing, but Billy still looked confused. “And you see, well, Billy, the first time we spoke I kind of involuntarily matched your voice to his image. You know, I had nothing to go by. And so, well, when he answered the door, I thought he was you, but the voice was wrong…”

“Shite, that’s just priceless!” Dom exclaimed. “I love it.”

Billy frowned. “Well, you know, if you two want to… I mean I can just…”

Both men turned to stared at him with disbelieving looks.

“Billy, you bloody fecking idiot…”

“Billy, you’re insane! I fell in love with you, you dumbass. Now get over here and give me a kiss.”

Billy looked a bit unsure, but soon he had a lapful of Elijah who quickly began a very enthusiastic round of snogging. After the initial bafflement wore off, Billy snaked his arms around Elijah’s waist and held him tight, revelling in the new taste of his lover’s mouth.

“Elijah…Christ lad… fuck, you’re gorgeous,” he muttered against Elijah’s lips.

“And you are fucking beautiful,” Elijah added, guessing Billy’s insecurity from his ranting about Dom and the photograph.

“Oh Jesus, need you…”

“Um, I’m just going to run to the café, give you two a bit of privacy…”

Dom began scooting toward the doorway, but he was stopped when two pairs of eyes turned to him with deathlike glares.

“Dominic Monaghan, get your arse away from that door right now.”

“Yeah, what he said. Come on, Dom, you’ve got two gorgeous young men making out in your hallway. Don’t you want a little piece of the action?”

“I… uh…” Now it was Dom’s turn to look like a fish as he tried to figure out how best to respond. Elijah just giggled and reached out from where he was sitting on the floor, tugging Dom by the collar towards himself and Billy, latching his lips onto Dom’s in a move that apparently surprised the other man quite a bit.

“Billy, you okay with this?” Elijah asked when he pulled away, gesturing to the three of him with his free hand.

“Fuck, yeah, I’m okay with this,” Billy breathed, his eyes dark with desire.

“Great. Brilliant. Now please, indulge me,” Elijah commanded, shoving Dom towards Billy and giving the Scot no choice but to catch Dom in a long kiss. “Oh hell yes,” Elijah muttered as Billy growled against Dom’s lips, tugging him closer with a hand in Dom’s hair. He groaned louder when Billy reached back blindly for Elijah’s wrist, tugging him forward to place his hand on Billy’s clothed erection, and quickly caught on, kneading him through the fabric as Billy continued to kiss Dom.

“Fuck, Billy, my turn again, please…”

“Greedy lad,” Billy murmured fondly against Dom’s lips as he pulled away. “Hey Dominic, what do you say we have a little fun with this one?”

“Well what kind of fun did you have in mind, dear William?”

“Um, guys? I’m not a piece of meat, you know…” Elijah pointed out, looking slightly frightened as he tried to scoot back away from the two of them on the floor.

“Maybe not, but you’re looking right edible right now, lad. Dommeh, a man like you has to have a silk scarf around here somewhere, right?” Elijah gulped.

“Pick a colour, mate.”

“I’m thinking black. Bring out this lovely pale skin,” Billy murmured, brushing a thumb across Elijah’s cheek. “You fucking gorgeous little minx,” Billy murmured as Dom ran to his bedroom the get the scarf, fisting his hands in Elijah’s short hair to pull him in for a greedy kiss. Elijah moaned and tilted his head for more, but Dom was soon back and Billy was tugging Elijah to his feet, pulling him towards the living room and ignoring the bag sitting just inside the door.

“Hands behind your back, love,” Billy commanded, and Elijah obediently crossed his wrists at his lower back. “Fucking beautiful,” Billy murmured, and Elijah noticed that Dom’s eyes were also looking rather predatory as Billy began to work open the buttons of Elijah’s shirt.

“Can I kiss you, love?” Dom asked, the scarf wrapped around one hand as he watched Billy proceed.

“You think you have to ask?”

Dom grinned and engaged Elijah in a hungry kiss, lustful and demanding, and before Elijah knew it his shirt was falling to the floor and Billy was taking the scarf from Dom and securing Elijah’s wrists firmly with some sort of a complicated knot.

“Should I be worrying about how good you are with that knot, Boyd?” Elijah asked against Dom’s lips.

Billy laughed slightly evilly and nipped at Elijah’s neck.


“Should’ve warned you, love. He’s a bit of a biter,” Dom joked, sucking Elijah’s bottom lip briefly between his teeth.

“Don’t care. He can mark me however he wants,” Elijah mumbled, and Billy groaned in satisfaction.

“Keep talking like that, lad, and I’m going to be the one who needs tying,” he muttered. “C’mon, Monaghan, let’s get him to the bedroom.”

“Yes, sir,” Dom joked, walking Elijah backwards with his lips firmly attached to Elijah’s as Billy simultaneously pulled him by his bound wrists. “How do you want him?” he asked when they reached Dom’s queen-sized bed.

“Sitting up against the pillows. Poor lad probably hasn’t slept in 36 hours, I don’t want to draw it out too much.”

“Gee, thanks,” Elijah mumbled as Dom and Billy helped him climb up onto the bed and sit up with his legs straight out in front of him.

“We just want to get you nice and tired out so that you can take a nap before work, breagha.” Billy pressed a kiss to Elijah’s navel as he worked on the fly of his jeans, and Dom knelt next to him, kissing and licking his way down Elijah’s chest. Elijah sighed, leaned back, and watched them work.

“Hips up,” Dom suggested against his neck, and then the jeans and boxers were gone, and Billy’s lips were sucking on his hipbone, and Elijah was gone.

“Fuck, Billy, please, c’mon… don’t tease… damnit.” He writhed slightly against the bonds, but they wouldn’t budge, and Dom just grinned evilly before joining Billy to echo his movements on the other hip.

“Guys, I’m serious, please…”

Dom and Billy smiled at each other around Elijah’s quite prominent erection and shifted slightly, licking and biting now and his inner thighs. Taking Billy’s lead, Dom slid a hand up Elijah’s body in a phantom stroke, landing on his right nipple. Elijah squeaked, and then started moaning as both his nipples were pinched and twisted while two tongues worked their way closer and closer.

“Billy, oh God, Billy, please… Dom… I need… please.”

“Well he does beg nicely,” Billy mumbled, his accent thick as he moved in fractionally to run his tongue in a stripe from perineum to balls to the base of Elijah’s cock. At a nod from Billy, Dom set to suckling just the tip, his hand trailing down Elijah’s chest to hold his hips steady as he kept the pressure light and teasing.

Elijah moaned in frustration as Billy rolled his balls in one hand, his tongue aiding his efforts, occasionally flicking at the underside of his cock but slow to offer the blessed relief he was seeking. He almost cried when Billy finally, finally moved up a bit, and then he was watching as Billy and Dom licked equal paths up the sides of his cock, providing equal pressure with their tongues, and then sharing a lewd kiss around the head, sloppy as they licked and sucked at him and each other.

As his back began to arch against their restraining hands, his wrists tugging harder at the knot, Billy suddenly dove forward on the bed, his elbows on either side of Elijah, leaving Dom to properly suck him down as he engaged Elijah in a long, hot kiss.

“Sucks your soul right out of yeh, lad, I’m telling you… just feel him,” Billy whispered huskily when he pulled away, and Elijah moaned loudly, eyes wide.

“Want to feel you, too,” Elijah murmured, leaning forward to bring Billy back to the kiss as he felt the inevitability of his orgasm building. When he came, his hips bucked and he shot down Dom’s throat, his back arching as Billy ended the kiss and just watched, covering Elijah’s face with kisses as soon as he started to come down.

“You’re awfully trusting,” Elijah murmured, watching Dom swallow his come through half lidded eyes as Billy untied him and helped him slide down to lie flat on the bed.

“Billy trusts you. I trust Billy. You would’ve told me if you weren’t clean, wouldn’t you have?”

“Yeah,” Elijah mumbled, reaching out with his free hand to pull Dom to lie down on his other side.

“Then that’s all I need. Sleep well, beautiful.”

“That’s what Billy calls me,” Elijah mumbled, half-asleep now. “Is it true?” he asked, nuzzling his face in Billy’s neck.

“More than I ever imagined,” Billy confirmed, wrapping his arms around Elijah and ignoring his own erection for the moment in favour of a snuggle.


After a bit of a nap and a truly massive amount of Chinese food, a car came to take Elijah to the club where the festival’s headliners would be playing. He was rather impressed by the opulence his magazine suddenly afforded him now that he had been promoted, and the sets themselves were enjoyable, though by the time midnight rolled around and he was free till interviews at eleven the next morning he was absolutely itching to see Dom and Billy again.

When he let himself into the flat with the spare key Dom had given him, he smiled to himself to find the two of them on the sofa, Billy sleeping on Dom’s shoulder, as Dom watched some French movie on late night telly.

Elijah waved and put his notebook, recorder, and camera on the kitchen table, walking over to the couch and sitting on the other side of Billy, who didn’t stir.

“He barely slept a wink last night,” Dom whispered by way of explanation. “Too excited about seeing you.”

Elijah grinned and put a hand on Billy’s thigh. “Yeah, I didn’t either the night before my flight. I can’t believe I’m here. Though I wish I didn’t have to go back Monday.” Dom smiled sympathetically and then raised his hand to ruffle Billy’s hair.

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” he whispered in Billy’s ear. “Your boyfriend’s home from work, and I suggest some enthusiastic shagging is in order.”

“Mmm…” Billy mumbled, turning his head into Dom’s shoulder. “You’re just horny, Monaghan.”

“Hey, he’s not the only one,” Elijah whispered in Billy’s ear, letting his hand creep further up a denim-clad thigh. At that, Billy perked up a bit, and grinned when he lifted his head and saw Elijah there, in the flesh.

“Hey you. How was work?” Billy asked, leaning in for a kiss.

“Mmm… not bad. Probably would’ve enjoyed the show more if I didn’t have two of the most gorgeous men in Europe waiting here for me, though. Speaking of which, what’s the deal with my hotel? I haven’t even checked in yet…”

“Pssh, hotel? I’ve got a much bigger bed than any single room at a hotel in Paris, mate. You’re both welcome to stay, don’t even have to ask.”

“Oh, thanks.” Elijah smacked a kiss on Dom’s cheek, leaning across Billy, and then fixed them both with a wide grin. “So, who wants me first? I’m just itching for a good shagging.”

“Oh you sure as hell better be,” Billy growled, pinning him down to one arm of the couch as Dom looked on. “Been dreaming of this far too long.”

“Mm, me too. So, uh, what’s the mechanics of this, exactly?”

“Um, lad, I assumed you knew…”

“No, dumbass, that’s not what I mean. I’ve never had a… you know, a threesome, before.”

“Oh. That. I don’t know, I guess it can be anything we want. I don’t care, as long as I get to fuck you.”

“Hmm, okay,” Elijah agreed as Billy’s lips latched onto his neck. “Hey, I have an idea. You know how you two were your first time, with Dom bent over the arm of your sofa?”

I sure as hell remember,” Dom agreed, leaning against the couch cushions as one palm pressed against his erection, just watching the two of them.

“Well how does that sound? And then I can suck Dommie off at the same time.”

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ, yes,” Dom agreed.

“Fine with me,” Billy mumbled against Elijah’s neck, already working his shirt buttons open again. “Though you’d better be careful of your teeth, because I’ve got several months of sexual frustration to fuck out of you, boy.”

Elijah sucked in air through his teeth, irrationally aroused by the word “boy” coming from Billy’s lips, and nodded frantically.

“Fine, no problem, just fuck… do it, please Billy. Need you, so fucking bad…”

Billy gasped as he tossed Elijah’s shirt to the side, straddling Elijah’s lap and grabbing his hair as they kissed, ignoring Dom who simply watched the two of them with glazed eyes.

“Now, Billy, c’mon,” Elijah begged, and Billy wasn’t one to argue, quickly shrugging out of his own clothes as Elijah stood and unbuttoned his jeans, dropping them in a heap before he bent over the couch.

Billy’s brain short-circuited briefly, taking in Elijah’s pale arse and the spread of his thighs, the arch of his back. He was very grateful when Dom found a condom and lubricant somewhere and passed them on before scooting down the couch towards Elijah himself, unzipping his fly and sitting with one foot on the ground and the other bent in front of him. He engaged Elijah in a passionate kiss as Billy fiddled with the lube, blowing on it to warm the cool gel before he pushed into Elijah with two probing fingers at once, prompting a gasp into Dom’s mouth.

“Oh fuck, lad. You’re really tight,” Billy pointed out as he curled his fingers up, aiming for Elijah’s prostate.

“Fuck! Oh God, I don’t care, just, please, Billy…”

“Go on, Bills, I’ve got him,” Dom agreed before pulling Elijah into another distracting kiss. Billy furrowed his brow and considered waiting a bit, but he had waited long enough, and so with a few more carefully aimed strokes of his fingers, he quickly rolled on a condom and heavily lubed it before positioning himself at Elijah’s entrance.


“Mmm, yeah,” Elijah agreed in a mumble against Dom’s lips, willing his body to relax when he felt the first dull pressure against his hole.

“That’s it, lad. That’s good… Christ, that’s good,” Billy gasped as he moved forwards, managing to get about halfway in before waiting for Elijah to adjust.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” Dom added, forehead touching Elijah’s as he watched the young man attempt to relax. “Feels good, doesn’t he?”

Elijah nodded, groaning, too far gone to talk, and decided instead to lower his head, fastening his lips around Dom’s cock with little preamble. The other man groaned and grabbed Elijah hard by the hair in an attempt to keep himself from thrusting up into the hot mouth wrapped around his erection.

“Fuck, Dommeh… that looks… fuck,” Billy grunted, sliding back a bit as he watched Elijah enthusiastically swallow Dom’s cock and then thrusting slowly back in, almost up to the hilt this time. “Christ, lad, you are so fucking good…”

Elijah began gradually to relax as Billy stroked his back comfortingly, keeping his strokes deep but slow, holding back as much as he could. The head of his cock raked purposefully over Elijah’s prostate, and he groaned loudly around Dom’s cock, letting it slip out momentarily to mumble, “Harder, Billy…. need more.”

Billy moaned and, in that moment, lost his finely balanced control, his lips latching onto the back of Elijah’s neck as he thrust harder, thumbs holding Elijah open, hands splayed across the younger man’s arse. Elijah moaned, taking Dom back into his mouth, and Dom’s head snapped back as he grabbed a hold of Elijah’s head again and braced himself, feeling orgasm fast approaching.

“Fuck, Bills… do you see how fucking good this looks? Oh, God.”

“God, yeah. It’s fucking amazing. He’s fucking amazing. Shite, I can’t, not much more…”

Billy watched as Elijah took both of them, Dom’s cock slipping lewdly back and forth in Elijah’s mouth as Billy’s pounded his arse, and he knew he didn’t have long. Reaching around quickly to wrap Elijah’s neglected erection in his fist, he thrust hard several times and then couldn’t hold back longer, biting hard on Elijah’s earlobe as he pounded him into Billy’s fist.

The calloused ridges of Billy’s fingers were almost enough to finish Elijah, but not quite, and he suddenly got an idea, sliding off of Dom and sitting up. “Billy, get off. I need Dominic here for a moment.”

“You’d better not be fucking stopping, Elijah,” Dom warned, and Elijah just grinned.

“Not stopping…”

And then Dom sighed loudly as Elijah rolled another condom on him and sunk down onto his cock, straddling his hips, throwing his head back as he gripped Dom’s shoulders and rode him.

“Oh, fuck…” Billy gasped, watching Elijah ride wantonly on Dom’s cock, his face the picture of ecstasy.

“Billy, please… want your hand,” Elijah gasped. “Want you to finish me…”

Billy scrambled to obey, sitting on the arm of the couch with his legs to either side of the beautiful boys in front of him, sliding one arm around Elijah’s waist to pump his cock in between their bodies, his fist bumping Dom’s flat abdomen on the upstroke. The other hand came around to tweak Elijah’s nipples and, as Elijah threw his head back in rapture, Billy quickly leaned into capture his lips, feasting greedily on Elijah’s tongue as he came, the image sending Dom over the edge with a growl as well, his fingers digging bruises into Elijah’s hips.

Elijah fell forward as soon as Billy broke the kiss, his head dropping onto Dom’s shoulder, but Dom roused him a second later with a whisper. “Christ, Elijah, lookit that…”

Lifting his head, completely exhausted, he turned and found Billy happily lapping up the fluids of Elijah’s release from his hand. “Oh, goddamn,” he cursed, groaning and falling back into Dom’s arms. “My poor exhausted dick can’t take that…”

Dom laughed and helped him to lift up so he could dispose of the condom, and then steered the two of them into the bedroom for a nice long snuggle and a sleep.

“So is this… are we….” Elijah’s mumbled half-questions made Billy laugh, spooning up behind him under the covers while Dom lay with Elijah’s head tucked under his chin on the other side.

“Well we fit so well, you know, it’d be a shame to break that up,” Dom half-joked, giving Elijah’s hip a squeeze.

“Fuck. Are you serious?”

“For as long as you’ll both have me, I am,” Billy replied.

“Same here,” Dom replied. “That’s got to have been the most amazing experience of my natural-born life.”

Elijah smiled against Dom’s chest and kissed the nearest patch of skin, squeezing Billy’s hand when he found it.

“Love you two.”

“Love you too, Elijah.”

“Love all of you daft nutters.”


“And you love me too.”


“Yeah… idiot.”

“Good night, children.”

“Night old man.”

“Hey, the parts are all in working order, boy… need another demonstration?”

“Oy! Give the kid a chance to rest.”

“Hmm, Dommeh, what do you think?”

“He’s young. He’ll recover…”

“Here we go again.”

“Aye. Enjoy it, breagha.”

“What’s that mean?”


“Oh. You, too.”

“Cute. Can we get to the fucking now?”


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